Cory "Mecca" Anotado (pacdude) wrote,
Cory "Mecca" Anotado

  • 13:21 @uselessdegree Need that t-shirt. Want to create bumper sticker that says "JESUS IS MY BONUS ROUND" #
  • 13:59 I could spend all day playing this: #
  • 14:14 @WheelofFortune STANDING IN LINE AT THE MARKET #
  • 14:44 @mikeyzito @mikeydoc if you go to KOP, come visit me at the apple store. lol #
  • 23:49 I have a vampire bite, I think. #
  • 00:25 @HackLaSalle Good god, no. I don't want to sing songs that mostly consist of audible gibberish and bullshit propaganda. #
Thank you, LoudTwitter!
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