Cory "Mecca" Anotado (pacdude) wrote,
Cory "Mecca" Anotado

  • 14:03 Totally just helped Preston from @wmmr with some stuff at the store. Gadzooks! #
  • 20:13 @prestonelliot great seeing you today! enjoy snow leopard! #
  • 20:54 @kaittybergin never gonna happen. a mac is more than a dock. bite the bullet and get a mac. #
  • 22:42 I don't know how to make Keynotes with a bunch of bullet points per slide. I think it looks disgusting. #fb #
  • 23:01 @ktl513 What are your opinions? #
  • 23:09 @kaittybergin There's always a learning curve, which is something you'll get used to once you get your own. #
  • 23:42 Hey, guys. Old Mother Hubbard is about King Henry's split from the Catholic Church in the 16th century. WHAT THE BLOODY SHIT!? #
Thank you, LoudTwitter!
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