Cory "Mecca" Anotado (pacdude) wrote,
Cory "Mecca" Anotado

Wrongs, Rights and Broadcast Radio

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These are my confessions about my role in ruining WEXP La Salle Radio.

Those are strong words coming from someone who spent four years of his college career caring for the amateur, fledgling radio station as if it were his own child. But yes, I messed up a bit and I need to get it off my chest.

There was a transitional meeting at the end of my term as General Manager. That meeting’s purpose was to lead the incoming managers in the right direction of leading the station. I missed that meeting due to personal matters I rather not speak about in public. That’s where my messing up started and ended. I should have attended that meeting or at the least I should have rescheduled that meeting so I could have attended.

Where are we now? A general manager that can’t type, an executive board purely devoid of diversity, of gender, race or musical preference, and a podcasting system set up where only one person podcasts their shows. As much as the General Manager would love to blame me for all his ills, the facts that there has been zero innovations at the station, zero interest outside of doing shows, and zero interest in upgrading the station’s equipment show that the problems facing WEXP are much more than me missing one meeting. It’s the Adam Bagni-like, proud attitude of the current GM that worries about the station once more.

Leadership is important. The current GM is not showing the proper leadership. My worry is, I have a feeling he doesn’t even know it.

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