Cory "Mecca" Anotado (pacdude) wrote,
Cory "Mecca" Anotado

  • 17:21 @CarrieGee Send that shit here when you're done. :D If you want a guest review of TPiR for DS… :D #
  • 17:59 @jzion12345 Oh, no wonder you're a Qdoba fan. #
  • 18:07 @CarrieGee yeah, please. I have the game and it's a tad different than the Wii version. #
  • 18:07 @jzion12345 FTC rules. You should say you get a paycheck from them next time you say how great they are. #
  • 18:44 @jzion12345 Federal Trade Commission. #
  • 19:36 LET'S GO FLYERS! ::clap clap clapclapclap:: #fb #
  • 19:40 @letter2twilight Breakdancing in the rain is dangerous. #
  • 00:40 College Hoops and Gamers: If you respect good in-game tv-sim presentation, check this out. It's perfect. #
Thank you, LoudTwitter!
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