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If you have a problem with me, what I say on Buzzer, or how I treat people who shoot from the hip instead of logically thinking things through, ESPECIALLY in a place where it was unwarranted, you should talk to me in a private forum instead of acting like a bitch, protecting yourself via the public forum.

When I say shit, I mean it. When I see something wrong with how you pussy-ass fuckers are treating a fucking television show and how it’s affecting your mundane, boring, sexless lives, and I’m going to fucking say it. Why? Because you need to analyze how you’re treating things that are inconsequential to modern society. Yes, I love game shows. Yes, I love the Price is Right. Guess what? If the show got canceled tomorrow, I honestly would shake it off. I’ve got 30 years of shows to catch up in the meanwhile.

And you know what? Golden-Road, bless the sensible members, has some of densest members I’ve ever seen. Intelligent discourse is interrupted with “I Like It’s In The Bag” and “But what about if they paint this wall green?” and it drives me crazy. I like Golden-Road. I honestly think that it’s served the community well, but a majority of the members put things so out of context that it drives me insane.

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