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Vote. Seriously.

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There are things that are out of our control. We can’t control Drew Carey on the Price is Right. We can’t control Chase Utley exclaiming that we are the “World FUCKING Champions” on every news station in town, be it radio or television. We can’t control that ugly fat guy on the forums who hates Plinko for no good reason. Physics, science, those people who cut you off on the freeway, religion, the weather… All these things are beyond our control.

However, as Election Day looms, there is one thing that we as Americans can control. This needs to be said, as loudly as possible. I don’t care how many times you hear it because it’s something that needs to be said. It has to be hammered into the skull of every eligible American.


I’d love it if you voted for Senator Barack Obama. He’s a new kind of politician. He doesn’t slander, he doesn’t take the low road to get elected. He hasn’t attacked John McCain like Sen. McCain has attacked him. It’s refreshing and it’s a testament to his character. The world sees him as “not a jackass” and “a capable leader,” which Bush wasn’t and John McCain won’t be. This “share the wealth” business isn’t about socialism; it’s about giving everyone the opportunities to succeed.

Of course, if you vote for McCain, that’d be OK, too. That’s your choice. I’d like to give you a friendly reminder that the “change” that McCain is bringing was “change” that he saw fit to offer after he saw he was trailing in the polls. He voted with President Bush 90% of the time. The same President Bush who saw us into a war we have no business fighting, a recession we have no business being in, and an election that we so sorely need.

But in any event, if you were THINKING about voting, you should vote. If you’re not registered, then shame on you! Get registered and let your voice (yes, your voice matters, math be damned) be heard. If you are registered, find out here where you’re supposed to vote, and go do it. When Nelson Mandela was released from jail and South Africans first had the right to vote for their leaders, many of them stood in 96-degree weather for five hours just to be able to cast one single ballot. We take this privilege for granted? That’s silly.

Go vote. If you really aren’t sure, go to and answer those questions honestly. Personally, take my advice: Go Obama. He truly is a different kind of politician, and one we can trust to lead us.

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