Cory "Mecca" Anotado (pacdude) wrote,
Cory "Mecca" Anotado

Hey, smart-asses: you’re a pain in the ass.

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Tonight was Late Night La Salle’s Quizzo night. There was a pair of smart-ass geeks who decided to, even though they lost, exert their superior knowledge (despite losing) by correcting factual information about my questions. Here, I rebut them.

Question 1 In Contention: “The Hundred Years’ War (which lasted 116 years) was fought between England and what other country?” One smartass decided to correct me (during the round, no less) that it was fought between three countries, and then rattled off something about Ireland and a protectorant. Unfortuantly, most scholars agree that the Hundred Years’ War was fought because the kings of England wanted to rule a weak and divided France. summarizes it well: “Hundred Years’ War, 1337–1453, a series of conflicts between England and France, fought on French soil.” Nowhere does it mention any protectorants. So, shut the fuck up.

Question 2 In Contention: “Since the probability of the first dealt card of a standard poker deck being an ace is 4 in 52, the probability of the second card being an ace is 1 in what?” The wording of the question, while seeming vague, is actually specific enough for the question. The first dealt card is an ace. The chances of that are 4 in 52. The probability thereof of the second card in the same deck being an ace is one card less in the deck and one card less in the aces, or 3 in 51, or 1 in 17. They mumbled something about it being 1 in 13 or something, which isn’t right because we’re not shuffling the deck (emphasized by the term “second” in the question). So, shut the fuck up again.

Failure, all in their pile. Take your New England Patriots shirt and shove it up your ass.

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