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I’m 21 now.

It’s a recent thing too. I’ve been 21 for a shade under 2 weeks at this point. I’ve taken what I think is good advantage of it, too: I’ve been to a bar and I’ve bought liquor. I can have learner’s permit holders drive my car with me in it, and I’m pretty sure if I kill someone, I’ll be tried as an adult.

I’m not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand, I finally feel like I’ve caught up with my friends and now have less reasons to not go to a bar with them. I don’t feel so left out, even if I haven’t taken up any of my friends’ invitations to go to bars with them yet. On the other hand, nothing significant has changed. I’m still broke, I still need to lose weight and I still have one too many socks lying around on my floor (and I’ll be damned if I know what the color of the top of my desk is. There’s too much shit lying around).

The one thing that I do know is that I need to start growing up. I’m working on a lot of things to grow up. I’m learning how to act more maturely, I’m trying to manage my money better (thank you,!) and I’m learning how to better my relationship with Liz (mah grrlfriend!).

One way I’m growing is to have a grown-up blog. I’ve had a LiveJournal forever (and don’t worry: it’ll still be there! I’ve got cross-posting going on) and I don’t intend of getting rid of it. I just need something a smidge more professional, something that will encourage me to write more, something that will encourage me to write better.

Plus, everyone else at La Salle has a stupid fancy pants blog.

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