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Today, instead of my boring indoor office job as a Student Worker for La Salle's Conferences and Guest Services or a Student Worker for La Salle's Multimedia Services, I'm going to do like one of those shows that gives people new jobs for a day.

Today, I will be a Beer Boy for the Atlantic City Surf minor league baseball team.

I'm not sure what to expect, which is why I'll be Twittering about this all day. To be honest? I'm kind of nervous.

For a college student, I sure am bad at tapping and pumping a keg. One First Friday in Old City, I was tapped (pun intended) to man the keg for the Fuel Collection's open exhibition because obviously, when I signed up for that internship, "dispensing alcohol" was right next to "proficient in Photoshop" on my résumé. I didn't know how to tap the keg (my advisor, who happened to be there, showed me how. I'm good now) and my pouring skills were less than par. But, I did make about $100 in tips that night, so that was good. Hopefully, this will be easier.

I was Event Staff for the Eagles, so I never really got to be on the food side of things. Here's hoping at the least, I get a free dinner out of the deal.

Oh, and money. I heard there was money somewhere.
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