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Merry Christmas, you old Savings and Loan.

Since everyone else seems to be posting their Christmas hauls, I figure I might as well, half for posterity's sake, and half for filling content's sake.

It is better to give...
Jewelry box for my stepmom. She has a metric fuckton of jewelry and her previous way to sort them all together was some combination of rubber bands and Tupperware. I think this should work better.

WWII: The Complete Something or other for Dad. Since my dad is a WWII buff, and this is a comprehensive collection, with 10 DVDs of footage, original news reels and other stuff.

My old Game Boy SP and a game for my little brother. Hey, he asked for it. I bought him a fancy robot game for it, and he likes it. Isn't that really what it's all about?

Jewelry for my little sister. Thanks to my stepmom, who sells jewelry on the weekend at flea markets, we figured out what a teenage girl would like and gave a bunch of fun plastic Claire's-esque jewelry to her.

I'm still working on it for Mom. I have to figure out what kind of media my mother wants for Christmas/her birthday (since it's on New Year's Eve) and pirate it for her. It's somewhat of tradition because she asks me for something every year.

Nirvana: Unplugged on DVD for Liz. Liz LOVES this performance. She's told me she's taped it and has tape after tape in her room. VHS is no way to live.

...than to receive.
Nikon D40 from Dad and my stepmom. Now I can take decent pictures and not have to use my cell phone! Steep learning curve, but at least my camera's perpetually on Manual mode.

"World's Greatest Brother" keychain from my brother. Both a universal truth and a fun thing to play with. It's already on my keys.

$75 Wawa Gift Card from Mom. "It's for gas, Cory. Any kind of gas." Leave it to my mom to make the fart joke on Christmas

Something from my sister. She left it at her friend Jen's house. Go figure.

Something from Liz. I have to go get it tomorrow!

So that's Christmas this year. Low-key and non-stressful. Just the way I like it. Next stop: New Year's.

Oh, and for all those who requested Christmas cards, I swear, they're coming. I promise. :-D
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