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LiveBlog of Drew's Price is Right (SPOILERS!)

OTHER NOTES: You can read this liveblog, with some extended stuff, at BuzzerBlog here:

FINAL THOUGHTS: Drew Carey is the new host of the Price is Right, and he's done an amazing job so far. He's learning the games, he's working on his delivery, and it's refreshing to see someone so energetic and not jaded doing this game. Drew seems genuinely happy, proud and excited to be at the show, let alone be hosting it. He called it the "happiest place on earth," and I would have to agree.

11:57 AM: That's a fancy font for the recap, and let's welcome back Pricedown to the Chryon. HE DID THE SPAY OR NEUTER LINE! TAKE ME NOW, DREW. OK, my DVR recorded the program, so I'm all set to go.

11:54 AM: I would bid $18 just for that sandwich.

11:51 AM: Are those diamond chrome polished showcase podiums? That's exciting!

11:48 AM: SHIT, AGAIN? TWO DOLLAR SPINS? I haven't been this excited to watch this show in AGES. AGES. What the fuck, Drew... Your energy is magical and your enthusiasm is totally welcomed. I'm calling it now. You are a worthy replacement for Bob Barker. I'm glad the mic's been handed to you. If you can continue to do a good job, then you'll be just as loved as Bob. All you haters who thought Drew would bomb or all the changes would ruin the show, I am telling you right now: No, you're wrong. This has another 20 years.

11:46 AM: 77th perfect show. The Showcase Showdown With Drew Carey also has a good ring to it.

11:43 AM: PERFECT SHOW! PERFECT SHOW! And they gave away a Mac. That's exciting. PERFECT SHOW! PERFECT SHOW!

11:42 AM: They're playing Barker's Bargain Bar. I wonder how Drew will handle this. LOL Ezekiel Barker. I want a T-shirt with Ezekiel Barker on it.

11:41 AM: I like how Drew called Rich "Baby."

11:39 AM: This is very good for Drew's first show. And, this isn't like, "Oh, let's give the easy games to play." No, no. It's in the Bag is NOT an easy game to win all the way. One Away, ditto. So, the fact that we're 5/5 with one game left to go is amazing.

11:37 AM: I hope she wins. HOLY FUCK! SHE WON! 5/5! This is some crazy shit. Good first show!

11:35 AM: 2? REALLY? 2? That's disappointing, sweetheart. HAHA, that's cute. "Oh might sound effects person, so I have one number right?"

11:34 AM: We're noting that Drew is very very happy to be there. He needs a new line other that, "Maybe we can drive you back." But still. ONE AWAY! I miss this game!

11:33 AM: It seems that CBS is the new depository for those previously on The Drew Carey Show. First Craig Ferguson, now this. And Drew knows his Greeks. That's refreshing.

11:30 AM: I like the "Waving The Block in the Air" method. That's nice. And no one else is excited by the $1,000 espresso machine. And I enjoy the "Models by Name" deal too. WTF, guys! 4/4! Color me impressed.

11:29 AM: I never really liked Eazy As 1•2•3 either, but it's not a difficult game to win, so let's see if dude can make this game go 4/4.

11:26 AM: This is what needs to come back: "If you'd like tickets to the Price is Right, send your request, with the amount of tickets and the dates you wish to attend, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to Tickets, The Price is Right, 7800 Beverly Blvd, Television City, Hollywood California, 90036, or go to" That's all I'm saying.

11:25 AM: Sir, be a man and spin the wheel like a man. He's not going to win, so we have a $1,000 winner on the big wheel. Can she win extra cash?

11:23 AM: That was fast! We have a dollar winner for the big wheel. And that cue sounds AMAZING. And he can call the wheel just like Bob.

11:20 AM: MAH!! "It's caplets. For constipation." She's going. SHE'S A WINNER! HOLY SHIT! 3/3!

11:19 AM: Holy cat food, Batman. Will she win the $16,000? Will she GO for the $16,000?

11:18 AM: I enjoy Drew's screamy excited voice. I like his stuttering voice too. This man is a winner. He is a good replacement. She's up to $4,000...

11:17 AM: This woman is about to shit herself or faint or something. It sounds like a prank phone call, she's breathing so heavy there.

11:15 AM: MAH! "I love you, Drew." "I like you as a friend, Aura." And really, Drew's first episode has It's In The Bag? I'm disappointed. I'm not a big fan of this game. Mainly because I'm so incredibly bad at it. But still. Bah.

11:14 AM: They used the crane cam on Bob's last episode. It works well. Smoother locations on contestants who are FREAKING OUT. And the set looks nice in pastels.

11:10 AM: I'm impressed they didn't remix the yodel. Drew is making me die with laughter here. "I wish we gave a money bonus for that, BUT we don't." And really? Two perfect calls in Cliffhangers? Good job. Drew's 2/2. And that theme sounds divine.

11:09 AM: Drew, stop setting up the games. Hans should be known as Yodelman for the rest of the run of this game. Bwahahaha.

11:07 AM: That's the first time I've ever heard a model thanked for doing their job. Drew, you're dreamy. Drew is LOVING this!

11:07 AM: "Rich, what are we missing here?" "A contestant, Drew." MAH.

11:05 AM: NOW he can go look at his Jeep. Drew's show is now 1/1 lifetime. Thoughts during the commercials: Drew is still learning the games, obviously, but he's doing very well. He's keeping the energy up, he's being human and pleasant. I'm enjoying him. And, am I the only one who LOVES Wilford Brimley? "If you have di-a-be-tess..." That is the best pronunciation of the word "diabetes" ever.

11:03 AM: That man went to go check out his new car before he even won it. That's funny.

11:02 AM: I hope my DVR's recording. Drew's being very jovial and greeting everyone. I enjoy this injection of youth.

11:00 AM: The theme sounds SO GOOD. And it's in stereo. And my roommate's asleep through it. Oh well. He'll wake up eventually. Four contestants... now, for the chills. YEP, chills. Drew Carey looks excited.

10:59 AM: Does anyone really watch Guiding Light? Really?

10:55 AM: I'm skipping class to watch and blog the 36th season of the Price is Right, now with new host Drew Carey. I'm nervous and excited. This is silly, it's just a game show. Well, a game show-slash-American institution.
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