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So, the Boulevard Diner is awesome.

Last night, me and Suzanne went to the Boulevard Diner after a day shopping at Franklin Mills. You know this diner, Philly folks: It's the one next to the Nabisco plant up the Boulevard. It used to be the Ritz diner, and after a while laying dormant and decrepit (I remember getting a flat and turning into the lot of a boarded up, mirrored diner), they're back as the Boulevard Diner.

Walking in, the diner was reminiscent of the Midtown I and II (Suzanne noted), but to me, it looked like an diner straight out of the 80s. To give an even better old-time diner feel, and much to my surprise, XM Radio's 60s station had a throwback to old-time WFIL. (From The July 12 Inky: Does the phrase "Famous 56. . . WFIL!" ring a bell? XM Satellite Radio's '60s channel will air a tribute to WFIL's top-40 past, including jingles, music and DJs, from 4 to 9 p.m. tomorrow. Host is Terry "Motormouth" Young, who did Philly air shifts on Q102 and the old WCAU-FM.) It was cool, if not a bit bizarre.

For dinner, I had my normal breakfast type dinner: challah french toast (oh my good gravy so freaking big) and two eggs (which were tasty, if not a bit dry). Suzanne had spanakopita with a Greek salad and thoroughly enjoyed it. For desert, Suzanne had a rather tasty strawberry cheesecake, and the bite I had made me agree. Between us, both cost a bit above $20. We were both fill. I don't think we finished a thing.

For entrees, Suzanne found out that a drink and dessert are included in the price of the entree.

I recommend the Boulevard Diner whole heartedly. Lasallians. Who's up for some eatings soon?
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