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So, I was at an eccentric little shop today...

And I came across this letter.

It is an actual, ten-page letter from what seems to be about the early 1940s, so around World War II.

It is extremely dirty.

Granted, we tend to forget that in the early part of the 20th century, people were allowed to be pervy and nasty and sex-driven; at least, I do. This letter is a fresh reminder that even since the early 20th century, some people were real freaky nasty.

Confessions of a Southern Girl
Circa Early 1940s
Transcribed by Cory Anotado
Note from the transcriber: Best ten bucks I ever spent.

I was married quite young, not quite sixteen, but was good looking and had a good husband, and was mother of two children: a boy and a girl. Everything went fine until I was 28 years old, then my husband died.

After a year or so, men began to pay attention to me again, but there was no one dear to me but my deceased husband.

There was a burglar scare about this time in my neighborhood and I was all worked up about this and afraid to go to sleep at night. Some of the neighbors advised me to get a dog that would be respected by strangers. I saw an advertisement in the paper about a lady going north who would like a home for her Saint Bernard dog. I went over to see him. He sure was a beauty; so large and gentle like a lamb.

One hot day in July, I stripped to take a bath. I weighed 130 pounds, having awful large hips and a slim waist. As I was about to get in to the bath tub, I heard fire bells and wagons in front of the house. I ran to the front room, got down on my hands and knees to peek out under the bottom of the curtain, thinking of nothing but the fire.

I suddenly felt the softest and warmest thing lapping my cunt and there was my big dog trying to crawl upon me. My cunt was throbbing like hell, just like no man had touched me since my husband did and that was seven years ago. I had grown a new maiden head since then.

I tried to get up on my feet but I couldn't make it. The dog was crazier than hell. The beast got a smell of my cunt and I knew what was then. Lapping with his soft tongue made me hotter than I had been before in all my life and he knew it somehow. He was looking for some way to get a hold at my hips with his paws, then he began to make motions with his ass, feeling around with his prick for an opening.

When he did stick it in, what a prick it was. He stuck it up to his belly then he began the quickest motion I ever felt and saw. After five minutes of good fucking, I was all in and couldn't come anymore. I was packed tighter than I ever was before. I went off so many times that I finally fainted and fell on the floor.

When I came to life again, I opened my eyes and I was lying on the floor with his prick sticking in and swollen up till it was big as a horse cock. He knew that I had been well fucked and I knew that never in my married life had I got such a fucking as he gave me. His prick had started so small and swelled up gradually that it made a bed for itself. I would have liked to got up but as soon as he saw me move he started for me again. Can you believe me?

I wanted his nine-inch cock sticking in my cock again. I was helping him by arching my back so that my cunt was up where my ass aught to have been when he found the hole and drove it home and he shoved as I wanted him to do. I was like a cat out on the street every time he shoved. I would move my ass to meet his prick till I saw stars. Wasn't I happy that Billy the dog had a prick that would take any woman from the memories of her loving husband? Every time I went off he would drive his big prick in farther and that pleased me just fine.

We had fucked for a good three months and I was losing weight but glad of it. It's the teasing prick that would make any woman lose flesh faster than any medicine that you could buy.

One day we were having a little fucking on the bed when in walked a girl friend of mine. She was the prettiest thing you had ever thought you would lay your eyes on . She saw Billy on me, pinned to the bed and her eyes got as big as saucers but I couldn't stop as his cock was making my cunt feel so good. I just had to finish. The juice was running down my leg to my knees. She must have thought it was awful far -- she said, "My God, Flo! What are you doing?" Finally, she spied the wonderful cock of his and I could see the hungry look in her eyes.

"Surely you don't have that monstrous thing in you, Flo!" Then, the only thing I could do was to let her have it well-placed in her, but she said she wouldn't. Finally, I got her to bed and got her to pull up her skirt and let him lap it once. Billy the dog saw the pretty white legs and soon with his tongue and head she was saying, "Ah, Flo! AH, FLO!" until she was throwing her legs over his head and old Billy easily leaped into the saddle, shoving it home with the first gab. I held her arms to keep her from pulling her hair out and watched him plough it in to her cunt clear in to the balls up into her white belly. You can say for me that this innocent little thing knows as much about fucking as any one I ever heard of.

She moved and I groaned and then moved her dear little ass all over. That old Billy who pressed his nine inches of cock in her cunt and waiting like a piston and she kept his back arched so her cunt would not lose it. When it was all over she looked at his prick and said, "I wish my hubby knew how to fuck me as well as Billy does!" From then on, she was a regular visitor in our home and we would take turns stripping naked until we were petered out and couldn't fuck any more.

About this time, I had a pretty young niece to visit me. She was 15 years old and never fucked in her life before. An afternoon when I had some shopping to do, I went to town and left her alone at the house for the first time. I had been gone for a while so I headed back to the house to get my umbrella. I walked in the house and didn't find her until I found her in the bedroom with her feet on the floor and her clothes up over her head and Billy was lapping her cunt for all he was worth. She was so far gone that she didn't hear me come in the house.

I thought I would watch for a while. He would hap her nice little cunt for a while and then try to mount her to drive that big prick of his in her little slit, but she wasn't in the right position but after a while he got a good grip on her little hips and shoved that damn prick in her small slit. I saw his long tail give a jerk and knew that her little cunt would be all stretched out of shape when he got that big cock in her and got finished, but it was her own fault. When he did start he was going through some of the greatest motions you ever saw. She moved her little ass and groaned and knew that Billy's big cock was the best thing she would ever have shoved in her slit. And she enjoyed it, too. She stopped moving her little ass and him with that big prick up in her belly, balls and his 9 inches of prick all was shoved deep in her cunt. Lips were moving around his big cock.

I stopped watching and ran out of the room with cunt juice running down my legs. That felt so damn warm and good. Then, Billy the dog came and took one lap with his tongue and drove that big cock of his in my throbbing cunt. The whole nine inches, balls and all. I held him and he held me with his paws and my cunt was throwing the juice around his well-placed cock which was buried deep up in me.

I know when you read this, don't think it's bad for it is better than picking a man that would point out to his friends and tell them about all the girls he had fucked.

Miss Gladys Tarner &
Miss Rose Anna Cyler

So there's the story. If I can get to a scanner, I'll scan it in.
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