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I don't know...

Suz: I am SOO tempted to call you "Sexypants McGee"
Cory: And you're not why?
Suz: Good question!
Suz: Sexypants McGee!
Suz: Then I would smack your ass.
Suz: How about them apples?
Cory: I likes it!
Suz: You just like me touching your butt.
Cory: Oh, just a whole lot.
Suz: [insert Homestar here]
Suz: You know, I could use another Homestar clone. Perhaps Homestare.
Suz: The ghetto Homestar.
Suz: Yo, baby, I'm HomeSTARE Runner!
Cory: Homestaaaaare runner!
Suz: ::grabs crotch::
Cory: Oh baby!
Suz: ::pistol whips a cop::
Tags: i can't make this shit up, suzanne, teh sex0rz, wtf
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