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cory anotado

the internet is a shit-powered boat

(no subject)
default - cory!
  • 12:15 Dude, my back is so effing tweaked. Not righteous. (No, I'm not sure why I'm a mid-90s surfer, either.) #
  • 14:26 @cantbeperfect0 YAY! #
  • 16:18 My first not-shitty movie on Newgrounds.com! Vote me 5s, please! #
  • 16:19 Well, the URL would help. My 1st not-shitty movie on Newgrounds! Vote 5s, plz. www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/492236 #
  • 17:23 @johntmichel Because the world is on Sidney Crosby's tiny iced Penguin dick. #
  • 22:13 My ass just accidentally downloaded Poker Face as a ringtone on my phone. Wow. #
  • 23:49 Quick, I have 15 minutes to secure a spot on the front page! Vote 5 now! www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/492236 #
  • 02:22 I Apple-Q. #
Thank you, LoudTwitter!