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Detroit Rock City

Can you believe that they charge 8 bucks for wireless internet here at the Detroit Metro Airport? That's some shit right there.

So, we're here in Detroit, MI waiting for our next flight to Nagoya, Japan, which is going to be a bitch-ass long flight. I'm looking forward to the flight if just so I can take a well-deserved nap. Dad kept waking me up on the plane ride here because I was snoring loudly. Cry me a river, build me a bridge and get over it, Dad. I snore. Loud. I also love to sleep. You see how that works.

One of the reasons I'm so excited to go to the Philippines is because I can get a new cell phone. Last year, it was the Sony Ericsson S700i. I loved the phone (and still do, since I'm still using it), and I was very happy with how it works. This year?

Yep. I want the Sony Ericsson K800i with CyberShot branded 3.2 MP camera. It makes me tingly in all the wrong bits.

Now, I'm not sure what Dad's current master plan is. He's pulling out the Daily News while is giant stupid freaking laptop is sitting on his lap. Mayhaps he is dominating universes? Bwahahahaha!
Tags: cell phone, tired, vacation
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