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Are you ready, skedaddy?!?

Me and katieliz have dubbed this weekend the VH1 Best Weekend Ever™ for me. Why, you might ask, is this weekend the Best Weekend Ever™, or even to a lesser extent, why this weekend is starting on a Thursday. Be patient, my friend, for this is an explanation worthy of awe.

Tonight, me and Katie went to the Barnes and Noble on 18th and Walnut to hear Frank Warren speak. Frank Warren is the keeper of PostSecret, a website where anonymous strangers send postcards with secrets to Frank. They can range from humorous to serious to downright scary, but the most important part is that they are all real; someone out there has felt this secret you're reading on your screen. I bought his newest book, My Secret, and he signed it for me. Katie got one too. Cosi for dinner and no parking ticket rounded off the great evening.

Tomorrow is the La Salle Haunted House. I made the poster for the haunted house, and ever the helpful one, am going to be a zombie. I'm not sure, but I think I get to count it as work for Late Night La Salle. I'll have to check my schedule.

Saturday, the Dresden Dolls (whom genericpunkgrrl introduced me to) are playing a YRock (nee Y100) Sonic Session at the TLA on Saturday and I reserved us 2 spots. We're gonna get lunch and then jam out acoustic intimate style.

Sunday, the Jaguars are coming to the Linc and my report time is 8:30 in the morning. What does this mean? Well, I have to make the church bulletin on Saturday this week, but more importantly, I get more hours at work. Plus, and here's hoping I'm not wrong, the Eagles should win this one. Like we should have won the last two games anyway.

Overall, this will be a weekend filled with great plans and I can't wait to live them all up. I am internally skeeeeeeeeeeeing in delight just thinking about this weekend.

Come to think of it, I've had two awesome weekends in a row! Wilson last week, Philly this week... At this rate, I'll be the world's first roller-skating chainsaw-juggling porn star to complete the Best Three Week Trifecta™!
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