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Suz is here!


She is my girlfriend.

She is on fall break.

Now, what is a girl to do when she has a fall break and a boy in Philadelphia?

Perhaps, maybe, she should come to Philadelphia and spend the weekend!

What I'm trying to say is, Suzanne is here! On my bed! Reading about sustainablility for generations to come! Tomorrow night here at La Salle, I'm hosting Family Feud. There are a multitude of puns, catchphrases, and book citations I could make here, but let's be for serious: I'll spare you of those for now.

Let's hope someone (and I guess I'll call my boss tomorrow and remind her because Lord knows I'm going to forget this anyway) brings a camera so that I can look pretty, if not professional.

And I don't want to wear a tie tomorrow.
Tags: game shows, la salle, nipple rave, suzanne
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