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Me, Dad, and Grandpa are sitting in the living room, watching the Phils lose again. Lolo's reading the paper and my dad's going off about cooking pizza. The only think I can think about is the past two days. The past two brilliant, wonderful, amazing days.

I spent them with my girlfriend, Suzanne. I'm pretty sure you know her by now. colorwhirl. Sound familiar? Good.

Our one-year anniversary was Friday. We met for dinner in Chinatown at the Cherry Street Vegetarian Chinese Place™. It was very tasty, with their faux meat and all. Then, we walked around before finding a nice Chinese bakery to eat cakes with. Afterwards, we went back to her place and slow danced on her roof deck. Slow dancing with my sweet Suzanne on the roof with the Philadelphia skyline is my kind of date.

We then traded gifts. She gave me gifts with symbolism (which are the best kinds of gifts, of course). "This is what we have," she said. I opened the small box, covered in aluminum foil. Law and Order: The First Year. "We've been together for one year. And, this gift is what I hope we get." I open the smaller box, covered in more aluminum foil. Law and Order: The Second Year. I *squeeeeee!* in delight as my excitement for Law and Order and my total awe of my girlfriend and the wonderful idea for the gift she gave me come together in a giant squeegasm. Suzanne has always lamented about her wonderful G3 Tangerine iBook. So, I got her one. Mac OS 9.2, Airport card, 3 GB hard drive. She totally loved it.

Afterwards, we played with the iBook, we watched some Law and Order, we snuggled, made kissy faces and acted generally adorable. I love her so much.

The next day I'll talk about tomorrow or so.
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