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Now that summer's here, and boredom kicks into full swing, I guess it's about time I actually write in my LJ as opposed to posting pictures, polls, and other stupid shit.

Here's the quick, condensed version of the last... oh, month or so.

>> I am starting to get weary of the radio station. Our current GM is a real dick, most of the people who I had the most fun with and enjoyed the most at the radio station are leaving, and the only real reasons for me to stick around are Dana (my cohost), Dawn (my advisor), and the alumni wanting me to keep everything in check. So, yeah. I'll stick around.

>> A lot of my friends at La Salle are seniors. Doc, George, Juliano, Ben, Phogan, Ray, Terry, Betsy, Renee, Beverly... That's just counting on both hands. There's a ton more. Flanny, Beth... Tons of them. I'm going to miss all of them. Congratulations, guys. You worked hard and you're free. I know a lot of you didn't want to leave. If that's really the case, then you would have intentionally failed. ::grin::

>> My summer grant money should be coming this week. I shouldn't have to get a job this summer. That means, time to spend with colorwhirl!

>> Me and Suz's ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSIRATIONFEST is coming up on May 26. Man, the past year has been awesome. Outstanding. Wonderful. Phenominal. I love Suzanne. I really do.

>> Lolo and I are going to a Phillies game on the 29th. Phils/Nationals with DOLLAR DOG NIGHT. It's going to be fun.

>> The icons I need the most: "Who has two thumbs and hates you? This guy," an icon of Cronk from The Emperor's New Groove, and possibly some kind of Aaron Rowand icon. That man is a hero.

I'll post more. I swear. Toodles!
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