Cory "Mecca" Anotado (pacdude) wrote,
Cory "Mecca" Anotado


5:51:13 PM sandrahubs: OMG
5:51:26 PM sandrahubs: I mean Oh my gosh
5:51:36 PM pacdudegames: omgstfukthxbai
5:51:57 PM sandrahubs: wut does that mean??
5:52:02 PM pacdudegames: Let's break it down.
5:52:11 PM pacdudegames: OMG = Oh my God
5:52:17 PM sandrahubs: i know
5:52:21 PM pacdudegames: STFU = Shut the fuck up
5:52:27 PM pacdudegames: KTHX = OK, thanks.
5:52:33 PM pacdudegames: BAI = Goodbye.
5:52:44 PM sandrahubs: I still don't get it
5:52:46 PM pacdudegames: It's a mockery of internet acronyms.
5:53:04 PM sandrahubs: ok but still I mean wut did it mean when you said it?
5:53:33 PM pacdudegames: It meant, "Oh my God, shut the fuck up, OK? Thank you. Bye."
Tags: i hate people
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