Cory "Mecca" Anotado (pacdude) wrote,
Cory "Mecca" Anotado

3:21:25 PM trekewl2030: you back yet.... o wait..u suck and dont live on campus, that's right
3:21:33 PM pacdudegames: That was a useless IM.
3:21:38 PM trekewl2030: no it wasnt
3:21:39 PM pacdudegames: Kind of like how you're a useless person!
3:21:43 PM trekewl2030: i'm bored, so it fulfilled boredom
3:21:47 PM trekewl2030: .....harsh
3:21:53 PM trekewl2030: i'll never suck your dick again
Tags: i hate dan and i hope his dick falls off
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