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RIP Ask Jeeves got a new look, removing everything Jeeves. Bye bye, Jeeves. New icon, my 50th, in recognition.

Saturday was Noel's birthday party. He's 7 now! Me, Suzanne, and about 10 little kids attended, and a good time was had by all. Noel had a piñata, filled with candy and confetti. Needless to say, when it broke, it made a mess. Suzanne decided to be cute (because she is!!) and took a cup of confetti and dumped it on me when my back was turn. It got *everywhere.* In my hair, in my hoodie, down my shirt, everywhere.

Fast forward to Sunday night, where when I took a shower and decided to clean my ass, a nice piece of confetti appeared. I don't quite know where, and I don't quite know how, but DAMN that woman is good. I'm so impressed.

Jeff Knowlton of The Break Mission came on the radio show on Sunday. He's a really cool guy, and his songs are real good. If you're 21+, there's a couple shows in Boston and Philly coming up. Too bad I can't go. :-( He's sending t-shirts to make up for it.

Tomorrow, Lolo and Lola leave for the Philippines. I'm trying not to think about it until it happens so I can function.
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