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I am a hack.

Sometimes, at least. I want to be an artist. I want to make cool-looking pictures. The only problem is, everyone else has made cool stuff already, and I can only make things that look like other people's cool things. Therefore, I am a hack. I'm rather good at being a hack, but that's besides the point. I guess that why I'm in school now: to be less of a hack.

This is my hackery. An image taken from stock photography, with brushes downloaded free from a website, with a typeface I did not create, with a cliche that everyone has uttered at least once.

But alas, it is my own.

A bit more about my design eye, just in case anyone's curious. I like working with photography. I feel that photography makes my projects mean a bit more, because it's infused with things from the real world. In high school, I made a flyer for a prom. It was a girl lying on the ground, facing the camera. It looked very chic, but no one understood it. At that point I thought I was an artist.

I'm not. I just make graphics.
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